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MWS CBD Vape Pen CCELL cartridge (beta)

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MWS CBD Vape Pen Microdosing – Cannaliz micro 

MWS CBD Vape Pen CCELL Cartridge (ceramic coil) of 1[ml] . As a result of an ultrasonic extraction, it reproduces the pepper, flowery and pine aromas of this MWS phenotype. This e-liquid is certainly pleasant to use in all occasions. Be careful not to overheat the system, otherwise a burning smell will begin to appear and the liquid will become darker and darker. Therefore, for an optimal experience, after heating your CBD vape pen cartridge, be sure to let the system cool down. Hence after 3-5 puffs, make sure you LET THE MOUTHPIECE COOL.


Above all, we ensure that our products taste exactly the same as the variety of cannabis from which they are derived. And this without having to add a single unnatural chemical! In addition, each type of plant or “strain” has its own mixture of terpenes that gives unique aromas, tastes and effects. Consequently, we offer several different strain profiles to give you a range of tastes, smells and effects; it’s up to you to find the right combination.


»CBD: ~1% (10mg) THC: <0.05%

»ingredients: ultrasonic plant macerate (60% vegetable glycerin USP (VG), 40% vegetol(R) USP (VL)) from organic Cannabis sativa L., 0% nicotin, no added cannabinoides/terpenes

»green extraction technique

»direct plant maceration

»frequency extraction technique

»full spectrum preservation

»510 CCELL cartridge (resistance 1.25-1.55 ohm) for use with a CBD Vape Pen CCELL ‘Battery + Charger’

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