very hot and dry summer season for swiss hemp cultivators

When we take a look at the situation in September, at the time when “outdoor” CBD crops (containing no more than 1% THC, and mainly from the European catalogue) enter the blooming phase, two elements can be taken into account. First, we can read on métésuisse / climate reports that August 2018 was the 3rd warmest month since the beginning of the measurements, and secondly that it was also very dry. When you look around the hemp growers in the region, you can see very dry soil and plants that are not as big as usual. Some techniques using hydroretention agents improve the soil’s ability to store water close to the plant’s roots. In the end, observations show that the yield will probably be lower than usual; we expect a September with rain once a week, and lots of sunshine, to further facilitate the plant’s development before harvest.

CBD hemp cultivation in Switzerland is a struggle for our farmers and the preservation of our cultivable land. This raw material is then processed in the reference extraction laboratory in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, cannaxtract labs, and marketed mainly in the form of CBD oil by various brands, including cannaliz, pioneer in the CBD sector in Switzerland. You can also refer to our community store which offers some of these CBD products.

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