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Cannaxtract Labs’ goal is to develop hemp/cannabis based Cannabinoid and Terpene rich products, and make them more accessible in Switzerland and Europe; without any medical claims. Careful to produce high-quality extracts, naturally grown hemp/cannabis is chosen. To make products of the best quality, they are constantly developing new extracts, with a variety of profiles of essential oils, cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other molecules in hemp, which all have distinctive properties. Carfully designed and selected techniques are used.

In a laboratory in Geneva, extractions are running to capture hemp essential oils, inspired from a method called RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) that best retrieves the majority of the active components of hemp. Following to a pure ethanol maceration, we perform a full totum extract, aiming at providing all necessary molecules needed for an entourage effect; our extracts contain all essential oils, cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. We fill our bottles and cartridges in our production unit, and do control our production process with analysis made both internally and externally by various laboratories in Switzerland and the European Union. You will therefore find unique products with a strict and consistent qualitative follow-up.

The lab is located in Switzerland, in Geneva, in various production and warehousing locations; networking with many different local actors to work on the local economy and short cycles.

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