For all European Union countries, it is an import on the part of the customer, since Switzerland is not in the European Union. It’s like placing an order in the United States.

When ordering abroad, there is therefore a customs clearance; fixed costs and VAT can therefore be added to the amount of the invoice already paid. This customs clearance may also result in delivery delays.

french customer experience shows that in case of taxation, a 20% VAT rate is applied; as well as a fixed cost of 12EUR

we normally indicate in addition on the product sheets that:

  • “In the case of cross-border deliveries, delays and additional costs may be added by customs.”
  • (Customs taxes not included)

to also note the time factor:

shipping time is the time it takes our team to ship the package
delivery time depends on the carrier and customs clearance.

we are therefore committed to providing a service measured on shipping time, because it is the one we master.

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